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Western Gateway School - Marra pushes Cabinet Secretary for Urgency.

We enter our ninth year of the Western Gateway saga, where £2.5m has been collected from residents in the Dundee community for a school not planned to be built.

The urgency of this matter cannot be understated – if this school is not started by 2025, the residents’ money will no longer be guaranteed for the school. Residents can, if sufficiently tired of the feet dragging, reclaim that money. If they do, the Council will need to find another £2.5m as a result of their own incompetence.

When this has been raised  with SNP Dundee councillors, they have pointed at Holyrood. When this has been raised to Holyrood, they have pointed at SNP Dundee councillors.

What is clear is there is a total lack of leadership.

Watch below for my remarks with the Cabinet Secretary for Education.



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