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The University of Dundee: A Gateway to Growth

In recognition of the University of Dundee's achievements in supporting spin-out companies, below is my full parliamentary motion.

Motion Number: S6M-10322 Lodged By: Michael Marra Date Lodged: 04/09/2023 Title: University of Dundee: A Gateway to Growth Motion Text:

That the Parliament welcomes the recognition of the University of Dundee as the UK’s leading university for supporting spin-out businesses; understands that the report Gateways to Growth: The Entrepreneurial Impact Report, compiled by Octopus Ventures, one of Europe’s largest venture capital teams, takes into account factors such as numbers of patents, spin-out companies created and recent portfolio success; further understands that for the University of Dundee, this included the £2.2 billion initial public offering of Exscientia on the US NASDAQ, one of the largest ever UK university exits; recognises what it sees as the exciting recent spin-out, Tay Therapeutics, a Dundee-based biotech company, which works on the development of the next generation of drug therapies and recently signed a deal worth up to $50 million, targeting stop codon mutations in cancer and genetic diseases; believes that this is an exceptional example of the economic impact that universities can have in the country and in the communities that they serve; congratulates the university and its staff, and looks forward to seeing its future development in this area.



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