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Good Morning Scotland: GERS and how Supporters of Independence are failed by their leaders

Transcript from clip of Good Morning Scotland Segment:

00:00:00:12 - 00:00:03:23

Michael Marra MSP

The Scots and the people across the whole of the UK are paying the price.

00:00:04:00 - 00:00:05:23

Gary Robertson

Is that the union dividend as you see it?

00:00:06:00 - 00:00:16:19

Michael Marra MSP

The union dividend as you laid out Gary is £2,217 per head extra in Scotland on public spending. Now, you know, I think that’s a positive--

00:00:16:19 - 00:00:19:02

Gary Robertson

Because the UK government is borrowing all this money.

00:00:19:04 - 00:00:31:03

Michael Marra MSP

No, our opponents are the ones that are claiming that they want to get rid of that extra spending so that there should be no more of that money on day one under independence. You don't have to agree with me--

00:00:31:03 - 00:00:33:16

Gary Robertson

They’re not saying that, they're saying that they could raise money differently.

00:00:33:18 - 00:00:53:10

Michael Marra MSP

Are they? Well, it'd be good if you could point me to that. I mean, they used to have a fiscal plan, they had a fiscal plan, the SNP, now, they don't have one. And so it would be good if we can get that level of honesty. I know that there are many really, and hundreds of thousands of people across Scotland who support independence and do so on a completely principled basis.

00:00:53:12 - 00:01:02:22

Michael Marra MSP

But the leadership of that movement are not serving them well because they're refusing to be honest about the costs and the impact that would have on public services in Scotland.



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