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Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Dundee and Angus College

My motion celebrating 10 years of Dundee and Angus College. Huge thanks to the staff and students who have made it such an important institution in the region.

You can read the full motion below:

Motion Number: S6M-11202

Lodged By: Michael Marra

Date Lodged: 08/11/2023

That the Parliament congratulates Dundee and Angus College on its 10th anniversary; understands that, since its establishment in 2013, Dundee and Angus College has progressed around 200,000 enrolments, covering around 100,000 individuals and engaging with at least one in three of the Dundee and Angus population; recognises the contribution that Dundee and Angus College has made as a major local employer, adding, it believes, over half a billion pounds to the regional economy since 2013; considers that the college has, over the past decade, built a portfolio of innovative projects, business partnerships and commercial activities, working with almost 1,000 businesses every year; commends the college for delivering consistently high and sector-leading outcomes and satisfaction for students; notes what it sees as the vital role that all of Scotland’s colleges play in Scotland’s education system and wider economy, and calls on the Scottish Government to provide much-needed support and strategic direction to Scotland’s colleges.



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