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Scottish Labour Unveils Education Comeback Plan For Scotland

Scottish Labour has unveiled an ‘education comeback plan’ for Scotland following the devastating Covid pandemic.


The proposals which the party will take into the election campaign include a ‘personal comeback plan’ for every pupil in Scotland on a needs-based assessment, and a tutoring programme for all ages and all pupils.


The plan also calls for a resit guarantee of a free place at college to take national qualifications should this be the chosen path of any pupil from the cohort affected by Covid.


It goes on to outline a ‘summer comeback’ programme to ensure children can enjoy themselves in the coming months, with resources for national youth, arts and outdoors organisations, school trips to outdoor activity centres, and free access to sport, transport, outdoor activities and culture.


Scottish Labour has also unveiled plans to support the teaching workforce, with a guaranteed completion opportunity for probationary teachers and enhanced digital training for staff.


The ‘education comeback plan’ will be part of a wider ‘national recovery plan’ that Scottish Labour will take to the voters in the Holyrood election.

The impact of Covid on general attainment, the poverty-related attainment gap, social and emotional development and ultimately life chances for impacted young people could be significant.

Not only will this generation of pupils have dealt with the impact of this year, they are also likely to leave school to an uncertain economic situation.

Never before have young people had to endure such disruption to their learning and their social development. Our response must be of a scale that matches the challenge.

We must support them with all the ideas, energy, but most importantly, resources, that we have.

You can read our full plan here:

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